STATUS: In a Relationship with Neighbors

Romans 13:8-10

I. Who are my neighbors?
(Romans 13:8-9)
a. Our neighbors are the people that we are in relationship with.
b. Our neighbors are the people in our christian community.
c. Our neighbors are the people who are in need. (Luke 10:25-37)

II. Why do I need to love my neighbors?
(Romans 13:8-10)
a. God commanded us so. (verse 9)
b. Our love toward our neighbors is an unending obligation. (verse 8)
c. When we love our neighbors we fulfilled the law. (verse 10)

“Always be and it will always be,
Oweth love to thee; thus seal.”

III. How do I show love for my neighbors?
a. We show love when we help meet the need. (Romans 12:13)
b. We should when we learn to forgive. (Romans 12:19-20)
c. We show love when we bless them instead of harm. (verse 10)

Jonathan I M. Buctuan
Marvin Andrew T. Encina
Joeben Rowen P. Bade
Melvin Rosanto


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