Treating Street Children

Treating Street Children 

At the month of July, day 7, and year 2012, my friends and I helped each other about our project in values which is to interview and treat street children, so we’ve planned it. A day earlier, my friends and I had a meeting when to do this activity. And we’ve agreed that we’ll do it tomorrow at 9 am.

The following day, we did indeed our plan, which is to wait in our meeting place at the post office in our school (Eastern Visayas State University, Tacloban City, Philippines). After that, we all headed to McDonalds to buy three chicken fillets for the three street children we’re about to treat. After buying, we went to the possible places where street children usually stand by. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any, maybe because the weather was quite hot and the time was nearly noon. So we all went to McDonalds again and ate the chicken fillets we’ve ordered a while ago because it was about to spoiled. 

Treating Street Children

A few hours later, after lunch, we all headed to Gaisano Central (a mall in Tacloban City) to have a little rest and as well as to wait for three o’clock, because it’s the best time to find street children in parks. After waiting for a couple of hours, we all went to RTR Plaza to find street children. Fortunately, we found two little boys. The other one was carrying a sack of metals and the other holding  a plastic bag full of metals as well.

Treating Street Children

My friend, Sheena Pesado (second from the left), stepped a little bit closer to the street children and asked, “Can my friends and I have an interview with you two? Then we’ll give you snacks.” But the street children didn’t say a word, I think they were quite shy. 

Luckily, they said yes after a few minutes. So we began our interview. An the facts that we’ve gathered is that, both of them are schooling (at Panhalaron Central School). They are just collecting such metals for their allowance. Rendell Flores (the kid in front on the right side) was actually the one who was answering almost all of the questions, because Boboy Cevillano (the kid in front on the left side) was quite in a silent mode, but still he answered some questions. Both of them are cousins and Rendell’s father is a tricycle driver while his mother is a housewife. One of their hobbies beside collecting junk metals is reading. After a couple of minutes of asking, we all gathered photos and gave the snack we bought earlier.

So that’s our story in having an interview with street children.

The people in the picture are (from the left): John Raphael Riel, Sheena May Pesado, Jonathan Buctuan (me), Marvin Encina, Joeben Rowen Bade, Boboy Cevillano (in front on the left), and Rendell Flores (in front on the right).


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